How to Make Best Use of Language Translate product attributes into compelling benefits that will inspire customers to take action

Product Claims and Brand Messages

Product Claims and Brand Messages  Audio »

Personal Experience in Communication

During my consulting work for the healthcare industry during the last 16 years, I have come to realize that many big and small companies are facing similar challenges in the communication aspect of the marketing strategy.

Different departments often have vastly different viewpoints regarding both the optimal communication strategy and the tactics to be put in place in a competitive market place.

What are the Implications on Business?

You tend to lose business, because you fail to attract prospects and you do not convert prospects to customer – resulting in leaving money on the table. Therefore you will find some lessons learned and my recommendations for impactful communication.

7 Hallmarks of Effective Communication

You would like to achieve effective communication with your prospects and customers: The “magical pattern” contains 7 key points that you should clarify – in the following sequence:

1) Target group: Identify the customer
2) Unmet need: Understand the problem
3) Attention: Arouse interest
4) Benefit: Offer a fact-based solution
5) Superiority: Show unique value
6) Validation: Support with reference, testimonial, story
7) Desired Behaviour: Ask reader for action


Clarity: Unleash the Power of Words

Good writing is about finding simplicity and purpose in the daily chaos of our lives. It’s about clearing the clutter so the reader can focus on what is important. We do not need more information, but we do need more meaning.

Know the “C”s of Good Claims

Convincing and Compelling Claims

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In an ideal world, effective product claims or brand core messages would meet all of the above “essential components”.

A word of caution: There are 4 “C”s to avoid: Thus, do not try to make your claims sound clever, creative, charismatic or comic. You are not paid for originality, but for impact and results.

6 Internal Things that Reduce Your Impact

1) People do not understand how important language is
2) Lack of proper training
3) No independent editing before publishing
4) Lack of discipline
5) Lack of customer contact
6) It remains vague who is responsible for what.

If you want to reap the fruits of your initiative, you have to work with the right professionals.

Clarify Your Brand Claims


What is a claim – and what is not?
Writing good claims is an essential part of good copywriting
What is the optimal number of claims?
Which solution do you provide?
How do you substantiate a claim?
How do you take advantage of your strengths?
How do you reconcile the various stakeholders’ viewpoints?
Who is responsible for observing the legal regulations?
How do you “harmonize” different interpretations?

Spreading the Message

Which channels should you use for conveying your claims?
Examples: Print material, website, public relations, etc
More: Multi Channel Marketing »

Measures of Success

1) You develop convincing communication campaigns
2) You convey product benefits in a clearer way
3) You support marketing and the sales force more effectively
4) You increase response rates, downloads, clicks, etc.

Value of a Strong Brand

1) You spend less time working as copywriting coach and editor
2) You help healthcare professionals make better decisions
3) You realize the full potential of your existing product portfolio
4) You strengthen the basis for higher market share and revenue

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Video on the Language Aspect

Expect Certain Consequences

You will achieve better results in the market place. Most people will be are eager to hone their language skills. However please beware of some unintended consequences:
1) The current ad agency might not be happy.
2) Influence and responsibilities might shift within your company.

How Günter Umbach Can Assist You

Günter Umbach » can help you translate your product attributes and characteristics and your knowledge into engaging copywriting that will get results. Based on persuasive writing techniques, you will develop documents that ensure that the benefits of your product or service are clear and compelling, and inspire your customers to take action. However please note: Günter cannot transform poor data into good data by using a “magic formula”.

Realize Your Full Potential

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