Results and Reviews: Statements

What goals did the clients achieve ?

“They have made our business better”

Ulrich Unterreiter, Business Unit Manager, LEO Pharma, Neu-Isenburg

“What I like about your lectures is that they are so practical.”

Management Committee Member Dr. Chris B.

“Because of your advice, the response rate to our mailed mailing was so high that we had to reorder the items twice.”

Product Manager Dr. A. S.

“We’ve increased the response rate from 5 to 6 percent to about 10 to 12 percent among the customers we’ve written to – simply by implementing your recommendations in word choice”

Marketing Manager Dr. F. F.

“You are the only external person who gives in-house training at our company”

Head Training & Development of one of the top 3 pharmaceutical companies worldwide

General satisfaction

The evaluation of more than 1000 workshops, consultations, coachings and lectures was “excellent” or “very good” in about 80% of the cases. Much more decisive is the high rate of referrals and repeat orders from clients


A guarantee is given for the quality of the services rendered, but not for the future results that the client will achieve with his team, as these are beyond the reach of Dr. Umbach due to many factors.

Specific comments from clients

Akeptance and success

  • “Successful”

  • “Very good for me – despite many years of experience in industry and a business degree”

  • “Great gain, purposeful, practical, valuable”.

  • “Great workshop”

  • “Super Training”

  • “Super advanced training”

  • “An excellent seminar”

  • “Definitely worth it”.

  • “This is exactly the course I was looking for”

  • “Thumbs up”

  • “Super”

  • “1+ on a scale of 1 to 5”.

  • “Absolutely recommendable”