Professional: Consultant, Trainer, Coach, Speaker

I support executives and their teams in pharmaceutical and medical technology companies in convincingly communicating the value of their products – especially to physicians, pharmacists, experts, buyers, decision makers and patients.

You will benefit from 3 decades of industry experience – as a medical specialist and as a Medical Director, Marketing Director, Brand Leader and Key-Opinion-Leader responsible in the Healthcare industry (Originals and Generics, Start-up and Corporate).

After I and my team had increased the (stagnating) sales of a cardiovascular brand by 200 million euros per year, I went into self-employed consulting – which I have been doing with pleasure for about 20 years.

Leaders in more than 50 companies in 16 countries have now benefited from presentations, workshops and coaching to get to the next level in their lives.

Books, podcasts, videos as well as the management newsletter „Tips and Trends“ and the „MSL Newsletter“ can support you.