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Do you want to be among the top people in your industry?

Experience personally the recommendations of Günter Umbach live in a small circle. You get the best of 30 years of experience and set the course for your successful future.

Practice of professional product management: Successful in pharmaceutical marketing

„The Pharma Marketing Workshop“ (PMW): Current dates on: “

Would you benefit from this personal training?

Yes , especially if you

  • A determined product manager with up to 3 years of experience are
  • Among the top 5 percent of professionals in your industry would like to include
  • Want to familiarize themselves with innovative strategies and actions
  • Want to update, deepen and supplement your know-how


You get

  • Updates on new trends in the healthcare market
  • A current portrait of the healthcare business
  • An overview of drug marketing
  • Insider knowledge from the industry
  • Background information from the pharmaceutical business
  • Directly applicable know-how for your work
  • Recommendations for your everyday work
  • Numerous ideas and impulses
  • Suggestions for higher efficiency
  • Indications of pitfalls, dead ends and detours
  • Practical checklists for the realization of your plans
  • Marketing tips to get started


Your benefit

  • You will become more successful as you
  • Setting an important course for your future
  • Seize market opportunities more quickly
  • Attract the right customers for you
  • Increase your product sales
  • Use your precious budget more effectively
  • Extend your knowledge advantage
  • Strengthen your personal market position


Topics and contents

  • Recognizing trends and developments at an early stage
  • Seizing market opportunities in good time
  • Portfolio Management
  • Dealing with risk in future projects
  • Net present value and expected value
  • Develop an innovative marketing strategy
  • Customer loyalty and profitability
  • Success factors for attractive brands
  • Write a good marketing plan
  • Apply marketing measures effectively
  • Effective life cycle management
  • Preparing complex knowledge in an understandable way
  • Present product benefits convincingly
  • Create didactically skillful material
  • Evaluate marketing and sales strategies
  • Program brochure


Lively methodology

  • Very personal atmosphere, as the number of participants is limited
  • Individual exercises and small group work
  • Write down ideas and create an action plan with the ANPACKEN concept
  • Training for the implementation of planned measures
  • Looking into the cards of the best: Case studies
  • Questions and answers from practice
  • Exemplary campaigns outside the industry
  • Video training for presentations on special request
  • A dynamic, challenging, interactive workshop
  • You train at a high energy level

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For Professionals in Med. Science, Medical Marketing, Medical Information, Scientific Information

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For all those who want to make their cooperation with external experts and opinion leaders (KOLs) more successful

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What happens behind the scenes: You as a director and scriptwriter: armamentarium for presence on the Internet: Successful through effective websites, videos, newsletters, SEO.

Legal aspects (HWG, AMG) and compliance in the pharmaceutical sector

The main features and implications of the legal framework (in particular the Heilmittelwerbe-Gesetz and the Arzneimittel-Gesetz) are clearly highlighted. The scope and possible pitfalls of compliance rules are illustrated with examples. Participants feel more confident in their written and verbal communication of data and facts and learn about the tricky gray areas, especially in the interaction between medicine and marketing: what is allowed, what is not? This makes the information officer’s job easier, message delivery more viable, and interactions with external experts or KOLs more confident.

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Successfully market study results:
Communicate data concisely, effectively and with sales impact

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Your benefit

Topics and contents

Lively methodology

  • Very personal atmosphere, as the number of participants is limited to five
  • Addressing your individual concerns and questions
  • Write down ideas and create an action plan with the ANPACKEN concept
  • Training for the implementation of planned measures
  • Dr. Umbach chats out of the sewing box
  • A dynamic, interactive, hands-on workshop

Scope of services

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Crash Course Pharma Business

You will learn profitable ideas and practical tips on the following topics:
Introduction, concepts, terms
New trends and developments in the industry
Drug safety (pharmacovigilance)
Legal conditions (AMS, HWG)
Basic features of compliance
Marketing tools (5 „P „s)
Content strategy
Multi-channel management
Digital strategy
Online Marketing
Medical Affairs
Medical Advisor
Medical Science Liaison
Business Development
Leadership and leadership behavior

You focus your resources on the most promising activities and increase the probability of winning in the competitive market.

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Growth spurt: How to move forward more effectively in companies (especially pharmaceutical and medical devices) and find the right path: Personal training in a small group. Double bonus included: book „Erfolgreich im Pharma-Marketing“ and book „Erfolgreich als Medical Advisor“. Insightful, lively and interactive.

Advance your career:

Individual discussions with customized tips and ideas The confidential advisor („Trusted advisor“) in the background („The Whisperer“)

MSL Leadership Training


Consulting on special topics Conditions

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