What’s on your radar? How to optimize your personal data feed

More successful through information diet

“There are things that a smart person doesn’t even want to know”.
– The philosopher Ralph Waldo Emerson –

Record less data and save time

Today, laptops, tablets or smartphones are our constant companions. Originally launched as “life-enhancing” technological tools, they now tend to have the opposite, even enslaving, effect on some owners.

A personally experienced example as an “aha” moment

One workshop participant laid her two cell phones (one work and one personal) on the table in front of her in the morning and looked at the two displays for what felt like every minute in an obvious effort not to miss any notifications – which is pure poison for one’s ability to concentrate.

This participant had unconsciously become a driven by her electronic devices, leaving her little time for active participation, her own insights, or reflection.

Information diet

Liberating: The “Information Diet

This woman, as well as some clients, would benefit from consciously limiting her informational input. After all, it is already a liberating realization that we can reduce the amount of signals flowing in every day. In other words, we can actively direct the flow of information – instead of being passively swept along. We determine which things we give our attention to.

Of course, we need to improve our professional Handle correspondence . But: notifications from social media like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram, Pinterest and other platforms turn out to be real time wasters. Nor do we need hourly news from news agencies. Rather, we can target our media consumption.

4 Selection criteria for relevant information

1) Will this information help me achieve my goals?

2) Does the information make my life easier?

3) Does the information contribute to my satisfaction?

4) Does this result in concrete recommendations for action?

Evaluation and resulting suggestions

Wake-up call to the information diet

If your answers to the above four questions are “no,” consider this a wake-up call: stop feeding certain data temporarily or permanently. Here are three examples:

a) Turn off your smartphone for a few hours (often difficult for young people to endure).

b) Turn off the notification feature on all apps and inboxes.

c) For some social media platforms, consider inactivating or deleting your account.

Allow yourself personal breaks and oases of calm in the midst of these hectic times.

Advantage for you: Time for important things

With fewer distractions on side issues, your time and attention will more easily stay on your true priorities. When only relevant information reaches you, you can focus on the important things. This means: you work more effectively.

Recommendation: Reset and recalibrate

Consider a refreshing informational fresh start. Choose only those pitches where you want to stay on the ball. Streamline your data input to help you focus on what’s important in life.

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