Transparent budget alternatives

Investment options: Support Levels

Many checklists, technical articles, audios, videos: Free

Business books: About 60 to 120 euros

Public workshops: Approximately 1000 to 2500 euros per participant

In-house courses and personal consultations: Approximately 6000 to 12,000 euros (including coordination, design, preparation, follow-up) per group.

Consulting and coaching: About 8000 to 14 000 euros per month

(including personal access) per person or group

How can I learn inexpensively?

Order ten copies each of the leaflet with marketing tips to get started in German and English for a total of 10 euros: Contact

Order the CD-ROM with 26 checklists and over 300 PowerPoint illustrations for 20 Euro: Contact

Order the printed course documentation of individual seminars for 50 Euro plus shipping costs: Contact

The English-language book on success in the healthcare business can be ordered in bookstores for about 100 to 150 euros or directly from Dr. Günter Umbach for 100 euros including postage: Contact

The book „Successful in Pharmaceutical Marketing: How to Win Doctors, Pharmacists, Patients, Experts and Managers as Customers“ (second edition) can be ordered in bookstores for 80 Euro

The book „Successful as Medical Advisor or Medical Science Liaison Manager“ can be ordered in bookstores for 80 Euro

Online video continuing education courses from Lecturio:

Public workshops

  • Intensive workshops in seminar rooms in Bonn

    Here, participants quickly learn practical know-how through personal support, as a maximum of five people participate. In this way, the individual needs of each participant can be adequately addressed – with the advantage of customized, effective and lively learning. Next workshops

  • Public workshops by continuing education providers

    Public workshops with standard content are offered by various continuing education organizations in hotels. The group sizes are usually between 10 and 20 participants. The registration fees are – depending on the duration and provider – usually between 1000 and 3000 euros per person. If you refer to this website when registering, you will receive a ten percent discount at most institutes.

Established, in-house workshops

Many clients prefer seminars exclusively for their employees on their premises or in the vicinity of the company location – in German or in English.

Such a typical in-house seminar contains the same standard content as a public seminar and offers the additional advantage that questions about internal company projects can be addressed openly – if desired after signing a confidentiality declaration.

Typically included in this benefit package are:

For internal standard seminars, clients typically invest between 6,000 euros and 10,000 euros, depending on the duration. When taking into account travel expenses and registration fees that are incurred at a public seminar, this option is usually more cost-effective than a public seminar when there are two to three participants or more.

Special solutions for teams

Individually developed training programs or consultative facilitation include a comprehensive program:

Needs assessment by phone and email
Short telephone interviews with selected participants
In the run-up: personal coordination with client on site
Customized conception
Live event: one day, two days or three days
Optimize the current projects
Follow-up document with precise recommendations
Access to Dr. Umbach by email and cell phone.

Strategies, statements and concrete measures such as advertisements, brochures, websites, print mailings and emails are optimized – in German or in English.

The service package typically includes:

  • A copy of Dr. Umbach’s book „Erfolgreich im Pharma-Marketing“.
  • A copy of Dr. Umbach’s book, „Successful as a Medical Advisor and MSL.“
  • Password for login to the reserved area for clients
  • 10 leaflets „Successful through know-how: Tips for getting started“.
  • 10 „Succeed with Know-how: Making Marketing Work For You“ leaflets
  • Option for additional copies of Dr. Umbach’s books at a special price

Clients invest between 6000 euros and 12000 euros for these trend-setting workshops. A calculation example: If you invest 10000 Euros and increase your annual turnover of, for example, 10 million Euros by 2% (corresponding to 200 000 Euros) through the recommendations you receive, you will receive twenty times the ROI (Return on Investment) – certainly a worthwhile investment for you and your company.

One-to-One Consulting and Coaching

This is the highest-quality of all service options, in which you are personally advised by Günter Umbach in the sense of coaching – in the protected framework of confidential one-on-one discussions, meetings with selected team members as well as on the phone. Here, in mutual openness with you:

  • Clarified your actual goals and wishes
  • Your professional prospects analyzed
  • New, individual opportunities discovered in the market
  • Creatively developed customized solution options
  • Your talents nurtured for a head start in the company
  • Recommendations formulated for your further career
  • Concrete actions planned and supported.

The investment typically starts at around 8,000 euros for a customized assignment for a smaller, clearly defined project (including preparation and follow-up) and goes up to around 30,000 euros for larger projects. One example is positioning to shape a strong brand

Note: The fees are value-based: This means that they are not based on billed hours or days (as some controllers are used to), but on the value for the client, i.e. the personal and economic benefit generated. Specifically, the client is empowered to more effectively achieve results in the business and in the marketplace. The faster this goal is achieved, the better for the client.

Because some VIP clients want to access Dr. Umbach’s expertise quickly, directly and intensively, they have invested in advance (as a „retainer“) in one of the following collaboration options:

Silver customers 20 000 euro
Gold customers 30 000 euro
Platinum customers 45 000 euro

In this way, clients successfully made the most of their skills, their projects and the area they were professionally responsible for – and achieved results

„Career Growth Boost.“

Individual, intensive program for your professional and personal success with Günter Umbach. Discover more

Speaker, moderator, chairman for your event

You are planning a congress, a conference, a symposium or a company meeting and are looking for a good speaker (lecturer or speaker) or a content moderator (chairman or MC) who speaks the language of your participants and has the appropriate knowledge?

Someone who will help make your investment in the event worthwhile by communicating current know-how in a lively way or providing insightful, lively discussion? Optionally in German or in English? Clients usually invest 5000 to 8000 euros for this – depending on which additional services have been selected.

You can find out more on the Speaker website