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Successfully Marketing Clinical Trial Results:
Winning in the Healthcare Business

How to use scientific data effectively

Original English version: Gower Publishing in London, UK

Chinese edition: Publishing House of Electronics, Beijing

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  • „The tips are worth their weight in gold“ Dr. B. R.
  • „Unfiltered in plain text“ Dr. M. B.
  • „Very instructive and interesting“ Dr. J. S.

Successful in pharmaceutical marketing: How to attract doctors, pharmacists, patients, experts and managers as customers

Practical handbook, reference work and unofficial guidebook with ideas and tips on how to seize opportunities faster and achieve results more effectively, 4th updated edition, Springer Science+Business Media.

Reader comments

„Your book is the perfect complement to your great coaching sessions“ Dr. Lisi Baszler, Vienna.

„Sound knowledge brilliantly conveyed“ Dr. Martin Bornemann, Langenfeld, Germany

„Enthusiastically written – helps win people over“ Ralf R. Strupat, Halle

„Many practical examples with immediately applicable tips for daily work“ Review in Pharma Relations

Succeeding as a Medical Advisor and Medical Scientific Liaison Manager: How to Effectively Communicate Scientific Data and Collaborate with Experts

The standard work for all professionals who want to work effectively with experts and opinion leaders. Springer Science+Business Media, now in its 2nd updated edition.

„Recommended guide that will benefit even the seasoned professional“
Review in the trade journal „Pharma Relations

Umbach: Medical Marketing Consulting Strategy Benefits: What the book brings you

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